With the EFFORTS Project, a consortium comprising the University of Milan (coord.), the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for Procedural Law and the Universities of Heidelberg, Brussels VUB, Vilnius and Zagreb analyses the legislation and case-law of 7 EU Member States , promotes the exchange of practices among operators, and collects good practices, with a view to assessing the interaction of the EU Regulations on the recognition and enforcement of judgments with national legislation.

Towards more EFfective enFORcemenT of claimS
in civil and commercial matters within the EU

Project JUST-JCOO-AG-2019-881802

With financial support from the Civil Justice Programme of the European Union



N° 7 / February-March 2022

The EFFORTS Project in brief Embracing a practice driven approach, a consortium of experts in international procedural law will analyse the existing legislation and case-law of the 7 targeted Member States (Belgium, Croatia,...

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Research outputs

Report on German case-law

The sixth EFFORTS Report on national case-law is out: Report on German case-law! “The cases for this report were selected by conducting a search in common German legal databases (e.g....

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Research outputs

Report on Croatian case-law

The fifth EFFORTS Report on national case-law is out: Report on Croatian case-law! The drafters of the Report noted that “case law of the Croatian courts on the regulations covered by...

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