Academic Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board is composed by one member for each Beneficiary and is chaired by Professor Fausto Pocar (University of Milan). The Board monitors the implementation of the Project, alongside with the Coordinator and the External Professional Evaluator. In particular, all the analytical deliverables (i.e., the Reports on national case-law, the Report on practice in a comparative and cross-border perspective, the Report on the digitalization of the enforcement procedures, and the Final Study) are submitted to the Board’s evaluation.

Composition of the Academic Advisory Board:

  • Prof. Fausto Pocar (Chair)
  • Prof. Christian Kohler
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Kern, LL.M.
  • Prof. Dr. Aleš Galič
  • Prof. from Practice Dr. Egidija Tamošiūnienė
  • Prof. Katarzyna Gromek-Broc

With the assistance of Dr. Cristina Mariottini.