Stakeholders Cross-Border Committee

The practice driven approach embraced by the Project benefits from a constant interaction with representatives of policy-makers, judges, practitioners, enforcing agents and consumer associations. In particular, the entities that support the Project each appoint a member of the Stakeholders Cross-Border Committee (SCBC). The members of the SCBC cooperate closely with the Project Partners as regards the strategic decisions concerning the implementation of the Project.

Members of the SCBC

Ministero della giustizia della Repubblica Italiana
Croatian Ministry of Justice
Lietuvos Respublikos Teisingumo Ministerija
Lietubos Antstolių Rūmai
EuroCollectNet Lawyers – International Debt Recovery Association
German Federal Bar Association (Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer)
Milan Bar Association & Italian Association for Family Lawyers (AIAF)
Arbeitsgemelnschaft Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht – Deutscher Anwaltverein
Law – Made in Germany initiative of the German Lawyer Association (Deutscher Anwaltverein)
IBA Litigation Committee

Roberta Bardelle
Martina Andrijević
Reda Gabrilavičiūtė
Dovilė Stakauskienė
Dr Thomas Voller
Cinzia Calabrese
Dr. Jan Curschmann
Prof. Dr. Hanns-Christian Salger
Carlo Portatadino