National seminars

Confidential, only for the members of the Consortium. National exchange seminars in order to ascertain current targeted Member States’ (Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg) practices concerning the application of the EFFORTS Regulations (Brussels IA Regulation and the Regulations on the European Enforcement Order, the European Small Claims Procedure, the European Payment Order and the European Account Preservation Order).

International exchange seminar

Confidential, only for the members of the Consortium. International exchange seminar, convening judges, practitioners, enforcing agents, in-house counsels, national and EU-policymakers in order to promote dialogue and exchange of experiences – hosted by the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg.

National exchange seminars

Here you can find relevant information on the National exchange seminars that will take place in summer/autumn 2021 in an online or blended mode, hosted by each partner in the...

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