N° 10 / August-September 2022

Final conference

On 30 September 2022 the University of Milan, coordinator of the Project, hosted the EFFORTS Final Conference at the Sala Napoleonica (via Sant’Antonio no. 12, Milan – Italy).

The FC gathered experts in the field of cross-border litigation and claims enforcement within the EU, with a presentation of the results of the research carried out by our research teams (University of Milan, Max Planck Institute Luxembourg, University of Heidelberg, University of Brussels Vrije, University of Zagreb and University of Vilnius) and a discussion on current issues and future developments for the implementation and the drafting of EU and national instruments concerning cross-border claims enforcement in civil and commercial matters, such as the certification of judgments under the EFFORTS Regulations, the effectiveness of the regulations on cross-border enforcement and national implementing rules, the suspension of the enforcement proceedings under the EFFORTS Regulations, digitalization of cross-border enforcement procedures, cross-border provisional measures and the European Account Preservation Order, policy options for the re-drafting of the EFFORTS Regulations, and so on.

The discussion benefited from the interaction between national legislators, judges, lawyers, academics, in-house counsels, notaries and enforcing agents, showing once again the EFFORTS Project’s practice-driven approach and the interest of various professionals. The activities lasted the entire day, until late afternoon (17.25), and included several presentations as well as formal and informal discussions and Q&A from the participants, showing that the topics presented at the Conference have captured the attention and the interest of the public. The contents extensively discussed at the Final Conference will be reflected in the upcoming and conclusive deliverables of the Project: the EU and national Policy recommendations and the Final Study, soon to be published on the Project’s website.

Publications: outcomes of the EFFORTS Project

The Report on EU Policy Guidelines, coordinated by the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg and authored by Marco Buzzoni, Cristina M. Mariottini, Michele Casi, and Carlos Santaló Goris, has been published. Please find it at the dedicated page on the website. Building upon the outcomes of the national and international exchange seminars and analytical reports, the Report formulates policy guidelines targeting EU policy makers proposing improvements to the current legal framework provided under the EFFORTS Regulations with regard to the enforcement of claims.

Each Partner of the Project drafted the EFFORTS Practice guides, an instrument for end-users and operators that seek information on how to apply the EFFORTS Regulation at a national level, both concerning outgoing titles (e.g., how and where to ask for the certificate or where to ask for a copy of the judgment which satisfies the conditions necessary to establish its authenticity) and incoming titles (e.g., which are the steps to be taken in order to start the enforcement or which provisional measures are available to the creditor at a national level). Please find the EFFORTS Practice Guides (now in English, soon in the relevant national languages) at the dedicated page on the website.


  • On 7 and 8 October 2022, the Vrije University of Brussels will host a two day international conference on digitalization and enforcement of claims within the EU. Please find here the registration link and the programme of the conference.
  • On 9 September 2022, the Max Planck Institute for Procedural Law Luxembourg (partner of the EFFORTS Project) hosted a conference on the Brussels Ibis Reform, in collaboration with the KU Leuven and the EAPIL. Please find more information on the event on ConflictofLaws.