By ministerial decree dated October 6, 2023, and published in the Official Journal (“Gazzetta Ufficiale“) on November 22, 2023 (Series No. 273), lawyers registered in their respective professional associations have been granted the authority to request population registry certificates to the National Population Registry Agency (“ANPR”) for purposes related to their professional duties, such as the service of judicial and extrajudicial acts.

The online certificate service is operative on the ANPR’s website from 11 Decembre 2023. To access this service on the ANPR website www.anagrafenazionale.interno.it, lawyers must authenticate themselves using the National Services Card (CNS), the Electronic Identity Card (CIE), or the Public System of Digital Identity (SPID) with security credentials at level 2 or higher.

The available certificates to be requestes by lawyers encompass: (i) birth registry certificate, (ii) marriage registry certificate, (iii) citizenship certificate, (iv) certificate of existence, (v) residence certificate, (vi) residence certificate for residents abroad, (vii) marital status certificate, (viii) cohabitation certificate, (ix) family status certificate, (x) family status certificate for residents abroad, (xi) single status certificate, (xii) civil union registry certificate, and (xiii) cohabitation contract certificate.

Once requested, the certificate is promptly accessible on the ANPR website for the requesting lawyer, with the ability to request up to 30 documents per day. These certificates are exempt from stamp duty. 

Lawyers handling personal data contained in the certificates issued by ANPR act as independent Data Controllers. The company Sogei s.p.a., responsible for the project’s implementation and infrastructure management, is designated as the Data Processor in accordance with Article 28 of Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679.