Report on Croatian case-law

The fifth EFFORTS Report on national case-law is out: Report on Croatian case-law!

The drafters of the Report noted that “case law of the Croatian courts on the regulations covered by the EFFORTS project is relatively scarce”; however, “one has to bear in mind that Croatia has been a Member State of the EU only since 1 July 2013”. The case-law has been collected from databases and with the help of judges, practitioners and court experts. Amongst the issues considered in the overall assessment on the implementation of the EFFORTS Regulation, the Zagreb University EFFORTS Team noted that a frequent difficulty is connected to “the often catastrophically inaccurate translation of EU regulations into Croatian language (sometimes leading to a situation in which judges need to consult several language versions as Croatian “official” and “authentic” text fails to grasp the key provisions and legal institutes under the regulations)”.

For the complete Report on case-law with the overall assessment of the Zagreb University EFFORTS Team follow this link.