Collection of Luxembourg implementing rules

The fifth Report for the Collection of national implementing rules is out: Collection of Luxembourg implementing rules!

As noted by the authors of the Report, “Luxembourg has enacted several implementation laws. The implementation laws can all be found online on the sites of and Also the corresponding “projets de loi” are available online. Moreover, as indicated in the introduction, two other sources of information that are generally indicated as being very helpful for information about the targeted regulations, are also accessible online, namely: the document “coopération judiciaire” available on the legilux-site, and information as included in “Recouvrir ses créances à l’étranger” on the guichet-site. The foregoing sites are sites with links to forms (forms in German, French and English) and to the ejustice-site”.

The Max Planck Institute Luxembourg EFFORTS Team covers throughly all the EFFORTS Regulations and the Luxembourg implementing rules. For the collection of the implementing rules with the overall assessment of the MPILU EFFORTS Team read the Report on the Collection of Luxembourg implementing rules here.