Collection of Belgian implementing rules

The first Report for the Collection of national implementing rules is out: Collection of Belgian implementing rules!

The majority of the regulations covered by the EFFORTS Project is not implemented in Belgium with specific legislative instruments, with the exception of the European Enforcement Order Regulation, for which the Circulaire relative au Règlement (CE) n° 805/2004 du Parlement européen et du Conseil du 21 avril 2004 portant création d’un titre exécutoire européen pour les créances incontestées was adopted, and of the European Account Preservation Order regulation, which was embedded in the Belgian legal order by the Act of 18 June 2018, Belgian Official Journal 16.07.2018.

The Vrije Univeristy EFFORTS Team has gone over the implementation of the covered regulations, alongside with a practical analysis of their application in courts. For example, regarding the EEO Regulation, the Team notes that its application is residual, since “lawyers have a common tendency towards adopting national legal procedures in combination with the Brussels I-bis Regulation, since the abolishment of the role of exequatur produces the similar effects”.

For other analytical remarks and for the collection of the implementing rules by the VUB EFFORTS Team read the Report on the Collection of Belgian implementing rules here.